Characters with Character

We all know that kids enjoy seeing their favorite characters in comic books and on the screen, but what they sometimes don't grasp in those action-packed adventures is what truly makes those heroes 'heroic.' At Real Hero Parties, our vision is to help kids understand why their role models are worth modeling after. During your event, your requested hero will take a few minutes to talk to the kids about what truly makes someone heroic. He will discuss character traits beyond huge muscles and cool disguises - things that matter now and in the future. At the end of his visit, the guest of honor will receive a card and a themed gift as a special reminder of what it takes to be a hero! Each party guest will also receive a hero band with the traits displayed on it!

Quality Costumes & Entertainers

We have the highest standards of excellence and quality. We strive to make sure your party is unforgettable and exceeds all of your expectations. All of our costumes are custom made for our characters and we make sure they are top quality and look amazing. Each of our character performers has been carefully vetted, personally interviewed, and has experience working closely with children. You can be assured that the best interest of your child has been given utmost importance throughout the planning and party process.

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